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Why entrepreneurship is so important


Julie Meyer, chief executive of Ariadne Capital and a champion of entrepreneurship in the UK and Europe, talks to Jonathan Moules, enterprise correspondent, about why the economic recovery will be built on the back of fast growing SMEs, and the measures that should be taken to improve entrepreneurship. 1 Feb 16 2011   (6m 47sec)

Debate: the future of exchanges & banks


As NYSE Euronext and Deutsche Börse plan a merger, what does the future hold for the large trading exchanges as pressure mounts from technology, competition and regulation? and, as the big UK banks start their results season, have they made peace with the government, or are there battles ahead yet over bonuses, lending and size?

In the chair analysis editor Frederick Studemann debates the issues with FT colleagues Jeremy Grant, FT Trading Room editor, John Plender, columnist and Patrick Jenkins, banking editor.  2Feb 17 2011  (15m 41sec)

Europe: the inside story

An irreverent end-of-year take on how the continent's history shapes its modern geopolitics, The Economist

Unrest in the Arab world

Using a series of weighted indicators, we try to predict Arab countries' vulnerability to revolution, The Economist