Cameron Says Government Will Change Culture to Boost Growth

Extrait de: Cameron Says Government Will Change Culture to Boost Growth, Businessweek (Bloomberg), March 06, 2011

U.K. Prime Minister David Cameron said government officials need to change their attitude to business if the economy is to grow.

“We are taking on the enemies of enterprise,” Cameron told the conference of his Conservative Party in Cardiff, Wales today. “The bureaucrats in government departments who concoct those ridiculous rules and regulations that make life impossible for small firms. The town hall officials who take forever to make those planning decisions.”

La même chose au Québec, les fonctionnaires tiennent pour acquis les entreprises et les entrepreneurs, un fardeau réglementaire trop lourd, une fiscalité avec trop d’embûches, des impôts et des taxes de tous côtés,
ce qui décourage trop d’entrepreneurs.

 On dirait qu’ils vivent dans un monde totalement séparé face à la réalité.

Cameron’s coalition government is engaged in the country’s biggest fiscal squeeze since World War II as growth faltered and the economy shrank in the final quarter of 2010. With spending cuts due to take effect from next month, Cameron is instead trying to drive growth in the private sector by easing planning restrictions, cutting business taxes and making it easier for small companies to bid for public contracts.

“The road ahead will be hard, this year in particular,” he said. “But the plan is right. Our credit rating has been confirmed. Market interest rates are lower.”

Cameron said fiscal stimulus wasn’t an option. “When people say spend loads more money, I say forget it -- Labour spent it all,” he said.

He said he will hold banks to the business lending commitments they made this year, as he tries to stimulate private sector growth.

Watching Banks

"We’ve got another 10 billion pounds of lending out of those banks,’’ he said. “And my guarantee to you is this: I’m going to watch those banks like a hawk and make sure they deliver for Britain’s small businessmen and women."

Cameron argued that enterprise is ‘‘a social good,” as well as a means of making money. “It’s about morals too,” he said. “The hunger to get on in life. The courage to make your dream happen.”

Cameron said he wanted to see smaller companies winning at least a quarter of government contracts, rather than "the same old big players."

The prime minister said it was the right thing to take business delegates on his recent trip to the Middle East, arguing that other countries were "out there selling their goods." He said Britain could "out-compete, out-perform, out- hustle the best in the world.’’