What Ron Paul Should Have Said to Bernanke

Aucun commentaire, car je suis totalement en accord avec ce qu’il dit.

Extrait de: What Ron Paul Should Have Said to Bernanke, Black Swan Insights, March 2, 2011

It is a shame that Ron Paul, the only decent person in Congress, always gives Bernanke a pass during his Q &A session. Oh sure, Ron Paul will go through long, rambling statements regarding the virtues of the gold standard and the monetary history of the late 1800's, but it stops there. Ron Paul fails to expose Bernanke as a dangerous terrorist who is deliberately stealing the wealth of the American public and handing it directly to the major banks. I wish Ron Paul would say something like:

Hello Mr. Chairman, thanks for appearing. You are doing a great job of destroying the American middle class through your criminal money printing, while simultaneously giving free money to the banks by manipulating interest rates.

You are nothing more than a nefarious thief who works on behalf of the banks, bailing them out  whenever they want with monopoly money you create with a keyboard. Sure, the dollar's purchasing power plummets, increasing food and energy prices, which has resulted in millions of people around the world starving (including Americans) to death. And when seniors freeze to death in their homes because they cannot afford heat, their last thoughts should be of you and your gang of tyrants on the Fed Board.

Hats off, Mr. Chairman; you are the envy of every third world dictator who wants to steal the wealth from their citizens. And best of all, you carry out your insidious task almost in complete secrecy.

I wonder, Mr. Chairman, how much you will charge for your consulting services when you retire from the Fed? After illegally giving your bankster overlords trillions in bailouts, so they can continue to pay themselves $100 million a year bonuses, your next step should be to work for the major banks like your predecessor did.

It must be great knowing that you are making your future bosses happy by keeping interest rates at 0% so that the banks can then turn around
and charge 23% on credit cards.

Immoral? Sure, but don't let that stop you and your bankster oligarchs who run the USA as their personal fiefdoms. Whenever someone questions your actions, just reply that we had to give the banks all of our money or the world would have collapsed, and everyone would have died. Proof? Highly organized criminal mafias don't need facts or evidence to bank up their conclusions-- fear and empty threats do nicely..

Finally, I would like to praise you, Mr. Chairman, for your perspicacity. The mere fact that you still have your job after the whole 2008-2009 financial crisis is evidence that the bankster elite are in complete control of our Congress and government (Democrat and Republican).

Toutes les démocraties représentatives ont ce sérieux problème, à quelques exceptions près, les groupes d’intérêts ont trop de pouvoir sur les politiciens, une démocratie directe s’impose pour faire contrepoids au puissant lobbying.

This is the only logical conclusion considering the fact that you were personally responsible for creating the crisis by keeping interest rates low from 2003-2007.

Tout a commencé à partir du moment, où l’on a créé un déséquilibre
entre l’épargne et l’endettement.

Pourquoi, baisser les taux d’intérêt ont voulais que le peuple consomme plus, les usines fonctionnaient à plein régime, les multinationales étaient contents, les banques étaient contents (plus qu’il y a de dette plus qu’ils sont riches),
les politiciens étaient contents.

 Sauf, un jour ou l’autre, le syndic est apparu devant notre porte de notre super maison à 4000 pi2 payer à crédit, pour nous aviser que le rêve était terminé,
et ainsi le cauchemar commença !

This created a nightmarish bubble in housing, but at least it brought some temporary profits to your bankster overlords.

They were able to make billions packaging fraudulent mortgages and selling them to incompetent pension funds and other institutions. When the cracks in the ponzi scheme started to appear as in the case of the sub-prime scandal, you purposely disregarded facts and reason by stating it was all "contained."

In fact, Mr. Chairmen, you went as far as to say that there was no such thing as a housing bubble! Assuring the dumbed-downed masses that all was well, you lied just to keep the debt-ponzi scheme going a few months longer. After completely missing the most severe financial crisis since 1929-1930, you still have the temerity to lecture others on monetary and economic policy.

It is incredible that a miserable piece of filth like you
still has any credibility left.

God Help America! Guards, please arrest the Chairman in the name of the American People.