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Voici certains audio sur la Chine provenant de la revue The Economist

China's population

A new census raises questions about the future of China's one-child policy


New crackdowns in China

The Chinese authorities are exhibiting a new brazenness toward dissidents. Harassment abounds, and some are disappearing


Entrepreneurship in China

China is often held up as an object lesson in state-directed capitalism. Yet its economic dynamism owes much to those outside the government's embrace


China's economy

China's success owes more to its entrepreneurs than its bureaucrats. Time to bring them out of the shadows


China's place in the world

China insists that its growing military and diplomatic clout pose no threat. The rest of the world is not so sure


Chinese takeovers

Our correspondents on a world of Gucci-clad babes, opaque decision-making and why China doesn't own the world, yet