Government of Balanced Budget

TV Ad Reminds Harper Government of Balanced Budget Commitment

Work to achieve 2014 balanced budget commitment begins June 6th

The CTF’s National Debt Clock Tour launched in February 2011 sought a single commitment: balance the federal budget without raising taxes.

On April 8, 2011 Prime Minister Harper stated a re-elected Conservative government would do just that by 2014.

Now the work begins to ensure that welcome commitment is met.



In advance of the June 6th federal budget the CTF created a simple
30-second television commercial that has two objectives: remind the federal government that the work to control spending begins now, and second, encourage people to join the CTF so our voice is stronger than ever in combatting the many voices that will fight tooth-and-nail against any effort to curtail overspending and balance the budget.

We sought to run the ad on both CTV News Channel and SUN TV. However, CTV required both audio and video edits that in our view changed the effectiveness of the ad. CTV also required that we have approval from Heritage Canada to advertise images of the National Debt Clock. We're not making this up. Apparently, advertising representation of the maple leaf -- which is prominent on the National Debt Clock -- must be approved by Heritage Canada. SUN TV's response to all this was "whatever -- we'll run the ad." So watch for it, this Saturday June 4th through Tuesday June 7th on SUN TV.




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