Short of money: U.S. Postal stops pension contributions

Extrait de:  U. S. Postal wants to dismiss 120,000 employe, By Norbert Kul, New York, Economics News Paper, August 12, 2011

Besides the suppression of 120,000 American jobs will post more when 100,000 jobs are no longer occupied. The second-largest American employer is once again in front of a billion-dollar loss.

The U.S. Postal Service wants to dismiss state, driven by continuing losses of billions of 120,000 employees. In addition, U.S. media reported that by the year 2015 an additional 100,000 jobs are no longer occupied, which will become available through normal staff reductions, such as employees terminate or retiring. Overall, the second-largest U.S. employer after Wal-Mart Stores to shrink its workforce, by almost a third.

Still want to say goodbye to the post from the pension and health insurance for state employees and their own systems for these services . The only authority must pay the annual post billions into a pension fund and health insurance for state employees. Representatives of the Post have signaled to Congress that they can pay at the high end of September for the losses due amount of $ 5.5 billion more.

Évidemment les coûts de la santé et les retraites insolvables
sont au dessus de sa capacité financière.

For the planned job cuts, however, the consent of Congress. It is expected with strong resistance from the unions. Unionized postal workers have exclusive contracts, the dismissals. ?

To make the post financially viable, it is imperative
that we reduce our workforce quickly, “

it said in a report by the USPS (U.S. Postal Service) for the U.S. Congress.

In the last fiscal year, which was passed in September last year ended, the USPS had reported a net loss of 8.5 billion dollars, more than twice as high as in the previous year. For this year, expects that its net loss in the same order of magnitude.

The classic business letter of authority among the growing proliferation of electronic communication. In the past four years, the letter volume has declined by 20 percent and had led to losses of 20 billion dollars. In Congress got the message clearly. ?

The U. S. Postal Service to drop rapidly, and if we do nothing, we face a future without the valuable services offered by the Post,

said Tom Carper, chairman of the subcommittee in the Senate, which is responsible for oversight of the Authority.

Art Sackler, who represents an association of private postal services, warned also of rapid reforms. ? If Congress does not soon adopt comprehensive reforms, the post office into a tailspin Advised not be able to catch, “warned Sackler. Then were also 8 million jobs in the private sector threatened, which depend on the post.

Both the Senate and House of Representatives, there are already proposals for legislative reform. The authority that receives no tax revenue for their business is already in the process, emphasize to 7500 points in the administration. In addition, the closure of 3,600 post offices will be underutilized tested. The Post also wants to push through letters and packages only at five and no longer served six days a week. In the past four years the authority had eliminated thousands jobs and already 110 reduces its costs by $ 12 billion.

Extrait de : Short of money: U.S. Postal stops pension contributions, dpa, Economics News Paper, Wednesday 22 June 2011

The U.S. Postal Service is the water up to their necks. The state-owned company warned that it could log on bankruptcy in September.  

The fight for survival the U.S. Postal Service is getting desperate. In order to remain liquid, the state-owned U.S. Postal Service no longer contributions into a pension fund for federal employees.This year alone, this could save $ 800 million, it said to justification.

The U.S. Postal Services suffers from the fact that fewer and fewer people write letters and e-mails instead. At the same time it has strong competition in the parcel business by the private Corporations FedEx or UPS. The losses are getting bigger, but in the first half of fiscal year(End of March) the company lost nearly $ 2.6 billion bottom line.

The Postal Service warned strongly against a bankruptcy to September, the state should intervene as a non-owners.

The post requires facilitation of the galloping Health care costs for retirees
and access to paid too much pension contributions.

To push costs further, the Post also wants no more letters on Saturdays unsubscribe. But she needs the state’s consent.

Parallel wants

The U.S. Postal Service save more: it has by its own account in the past four Fiscal years, $ 12 billion to cut costs and canceled 110 000 points. End of March the Postal Service still employed nearly 572 000 people. The German Post had done it, the decline in the letters by a well-run package and freight businesses mitigate.


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