The situation facing Québec society and families

Cahier spécial : Québec frappe son mur dans moins de 10 ans.

The situation facing Québec society and families

The daycare program has become a matter of entitlement, and it would be difficult to undo the program at this point. That said, there are ways to ensure that parents have control over where they send their children. Province-wide standards and regulation could continue to govern daycares while at the same time, parents could receive money in their pockets to choose where to place their children, be it in a daycare centre or with family. Either way, the quality of Québec daycare must rise if there are to be any benefits for children associated with the program at all.

In short, there are real reasons to be concerned about the sustainability of family programs as they currently run in Québec. Without substantial fiscal restructuring, the province may not be able to afford to maintain the extensive social benefits it currently offers families.

Strong families provide a very good social safety net; where families fail it is very difficult to overcome the resulting deficits. While cohabiting families do not constitute a failure, they are a relationship of a different calibre from marriage and public policy in Québec and across Canada would do well to take note of this.

Still, as we hear through the voice of Carole Cardinal, there are many Québecers who love their province and are committed to bringing about positive change. Parents are more committed to raising their children well within the constructs of the province. This is a huge positive, since it is individuals within families who have the power to create lasting change in communities. It has been said that no policy win is eternal, no defeat everlasting, and such is also the case for Québec.

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Croissance par endettement

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Worrisome trends

Tax rates are high:

Marriage rates are low:

Cohabitation rates are high relative to other provinces and countries:

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A “demographic winter” is coming:

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The situation facing Québec society and families

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