Stanford University in favor for a national virtual educational program

Je me demande, si les professeurs d’économies dans nos universités en faveur de la mondialisation vont être toujours d'accord, quand ils vont être obligés de concurrencer les professeurs indiens dix fois moins chers qu’eux.

Je suis certain qu’ils vont crier hauts et forts, spécifiant que le cours donner par les pays étrangers ne seront pas recevable, pour protéger leurs ‘JOBS’

Serait-il, une forme de protectionniste ?

Facile de prêcher la bonne parole avec la sécurité d’emploi, la permanence, l’ancienneté et des fonds de pension insolvable payée par le peuple.

Enfin …

Extrait de: Online High School Explosion: Stanford Joins The Revolution, Walter Russell Mead's Blog, The American Interest, November 20, 2011

Neutrinos aren’t the only things that seem to be moving faster than light these days; the revolution in American education is also moving at warp speed.  Already this fall there have been stories about large new financial interests getting into the world of online education and about the rapid growth in online high schools.

Now comes word that Stanford University is throwing its weight behind a national virtual educational program aimed at gifted and talented students.  Beginning this year, students will be getting high school diplomas from Stanford Online High. 

Middlebury College and the University of Nebraska are among other well known schools jumping into the business. 

Streaming video allows students all over the country and presumably ultimately the world to interact directly with teachers and classmates while accessing enrichment materials that many regular classrooms can’t match.

The cost of a Stanford Online High diploma is high, but much cheaper than the tuition at a conventional top private high school.

Via Meadia has no idea where all this is headed, but amid all the gloom and doom about the United States, the blistering and still accelerating pace of change in our educational system reminds us that change is America’s forte.  This is what we do — and the ability to make changes peacefully and quickly is likely to be the single most important factor in managing the stresses and taking advantage of the twenty-first century.  Good luck to the students at Stanford Online High; please let Via Meadia know whether you are planning a digital prom.