Le déclin du système manufacturier Canadien (2)

Comment fait-on pour transférer rapidement de la technologie des pays industriels dans les pays émergents?

La technique est fort simple, on donne des visas étrangers en disant que nous ne trouvons pas des ingénieurs américains n’ayant pas les qualifications requises, on les forme aux États-Unis, et on les renvoie subito presto avec le savoir dans les pays émergents.

Drôlement efficaces, pour délocaliser et maximiser les profits surtout quand ils coûtent au moins le 1/5 du prix.

Personne ne conteste?

Bien sûr, mais la démocratie aux États-Unis se résume à savoir qui distribue les plus gros pots-de-vin pour acheter le pouvoir, alors le peuple là-dedans du simple bétail interchangeable.

The Center has estimated the total cost of the 2008 elections for Congress
and the White House at $5.3 billion.

Extrait de : News to Pres. Obama? 1.8 Million Americans With Engineering DEGREES Don't Have Engineering JOBS, By Roy Beck, Wednesday, February 1, 2012, 6:44 PM EST

Pres. Obama's own staff has produced the data to show

·         That the President was wrong Monday when he said America doesn't have enough engineers.

·         Was wrong last week in the State of the Union to say we need more high-skilled foreign workers, and

·         Was wrong in sending out spokespersons to claim that not enough Americans are obtaining engineering degrees.

But the President -- like most Republican leaders -- tends not to look for facts when thinking about immigration but just looks to his elite business cronies.

Earlier this week, Pres. Obama was caught off-guard in an internet Q&A when a woman asked why the government continues to issue work visas to foreign engineers while her engineer husband can't find a job.

Look at the exchange here:

The President found the question "interesting" because "industry tells me that they don't have enough highly skilled engineers."

The White House sent out spokespersons to defend the President by talking about how not enough Americans are getting engineering degrees.

My immediate question was: How many Americans with engineering degrees don't have an engineering job?

Amazingly just this afternoon, Dr. Steve Camarota of the Center for Immigration Studies has published a report that answers the question.


U.S.-BORN INDIVIDUALS WITH ENGINEERING DEGREES (under age 66) (based on most recent American Community Survey by the Obama Administration itself)

101,000 -- U.S. engineers looking for a job who can't find any work at all

244,000 -- U.S. engineers who have dropped completely out of the labor market

1,470,000 -- U.S. engineers who are working but no longer as engineers

1.8 million -- Total U.S.-born individuals under the age of 66 who have engineering degrees but don't have an engineering job

There is a lot to say about all those numbers. But one thing that can't be said is that the United States doesn't "have enough highly skilled engineers" among its own citizens.

These numbers were compiled by Pres. Obama's own staff. But he apparently never thought to check on the facts. He was perfectly willing to take the word of the business elites with whom he hobnobs when they claim they have to have more foreign engineers.

ROY BECK is Founder & CEO of NumbersUSA