Démocratie déficiente aux États-Unis influence le reste du monde

Il est important de comprendre les conséquences d’une démocratie déficiente aux États-Unis, car leurs décisions influencent le reste du monde, politiquement, stratégiquement et économiquement.

Alors, quand cela dérape, on est tous affecté dans notre quotidien, les deux prochains carnets ceux de Poutine et d’Harper sont des exemples frappants des conséquences d’une démocratie douteuse.

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THE CRONY TRIBUTE SYSTEMWant to get elected?

Ø  First you need to pass a litmus test for your party.

1)      Want to reform Social Security or Medicare? If you do, you better not say so.

2)      Next, you better not offend both unions and the NRA. Depending on where you live, one of those alone may do you in.

Both and you are toast.

3)      Live in a state that gets military contracts? If so, you cannot get elected if you are "weak on defense".

Bottom line: If you want to get elected ?

Ø  You better listen to what big money wants, or you don't get any of it.

Ø  And you need money to win!

Mafia Dons vs. Politicians

Gordon Long has an interesting post this week called The Crony Tribute System.


Let’s contrast the Roman and Mafia “Tribute” System to the workings of the US Political System.

I have written extensively about the emerging Crony Capitalism in America. Most recently I produced three YouTube video’s on the subject which I will refer you to rather than re-visiting this new capitalist mutation that comes with large government and increased central planning and control.

·      10 03 14 - Macro Analytics - America's Terminal Political Dysfunction - w/ Charles Hugh Smith

·      09 23 14 - Macro Analytics - Cartels, Monopolies & Crony Capitalism - w/ John Rubino

·      09 06 14 - Macro Analytics - Why Crony Capitalism is Happening - w/ Charles Hugh Smith

Similar to the MAFIA Tribute System it is mandatory that business dealing not be documented, openly discussed or communicated directly. The unspoken innuendo is paramount.

Mafia tribute system

US political system

When this cannot be achieved, then lawyers and “client attorney privilege” must fill the gap. The current television series “The Good Wife” does a good job on a weekly basis of showing this carefully crafted interaction of lawyers, government enforcement and organized crime.

It is a world of grey ruled by the letter of the law which can be argued and not intent, morality, ethics nor character. These characteristic are today secondary to income, profits and the exercise of political power.

Force of social globalization

Political Appointments & ‘Revolving Doors’


Whether you’re pro-regulation or anti-regulation in America depends more on affiliation than reality.


For better or worse, the truth is more insidious; regulators are often captured by the industry they regulate at the expense of everyone else.

Political Appointments & ‘Revolving Doors’

Controlling the Rules of the Game

Judges are political appointees in the US legal system. They are normally selected by the party because of political bias. This has reached the level that for example most recently the Supreme Court struck down limits on Federal Campaign contributions.

Anyone currently watching the election campaigning for the upcoming November election can clearly see the affect of this in the volume and aggressiveness of media advertising by both politicians and political action committees. It is not only appalling but clearly shows that the Crony Capitalists have been given the green light to fully take over the US political system.

Game is over

The balance

New Cost of Doing Business

The charts below illustrate the change that has occurred in America. White collar crimes are no longer punished by prison sentences but rather with fines and penalties which enrich the coffers of the government but do little to stop or change the behavior.

Cleaning uo and doing deal

Why doesn’t it change behavior? If the crime makes $1B and you pay a fine of $0.1B (10%) and no one goes to jail, why would you stop? It quickly becomes simply the cost of doing business.

The Government is now acting in a similar manner to a Mafia Don, allowing crimes to occur and then being paid in the form of a fine or penalty as a tribute for previously allowing business crimes to be conducted which were subsequently found to be illegal by those laws the Crony Capitalists were unable to have changed or to have influenced the actual enforcement actions.