Generation squeeze (Z) - Revenue and Spending, by Age


The socioeconomic circumstances of different age groups are shaped not only by how markets influence the demand for labour, wages, cost of housing, etc., but also by public policy responses to market and demographic trends.

The policy analysis in this section considers changes in government spending as it relates to age, along with changes to government revenue between 1976 and 2011 (the latest year for which comparable data are available).

Generation squeeze Change in Revenue and Spending, by Age

·         There is reason to question the degree to which Canadian governments have prioritized adapting public spending as urgently for younger generations as they do for older age cohorts.

·         The larger public fiscal debts being left to younger Canadians are exacerbated by the environmental debts that they also inherit today.

·         Canadians ranked among the very worst per capita polluters of carbon dioxide on the planet, at 16.73 tonnes per person. Canada is among the worst fi ve of 29 OECD countries for its per capita ecological footprint in his comparative analysis of intergenerational justice

·         The failure of the Canadian population and governments to reduce our per capita environmental footprints mean that younger generations today do not have the same opportunities to deal with larger government fiscal debts and stagnant wages as did their parents’ and grandparents’ generations, because they cannot rely on status quo approaches to economic growth without taking on far more immediate risks of environmental degradation.

·         In other words, today’s younger generations must deal with larger government debts on salaries that are lower, while paying housing prices that are higher, and simultaneously adapting to new environmental realities.

Generation squeeze (Z)

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