Bernie Sanders: Making public colleges and universities tuition-free

Bill Sanders doit être certainement un carré rouge.

On devrait le traiter d’irresponsable comme on a traité nos étudiants d’irresponsables en proposant la gratuité scolaire.

Alors, chers Papy et Baby Bommers qui sont les plus irresponsables eux, ou nous ?

·     Qui a transféré plus de 276 milliards de dettes sur le dos, avant même qu’il commence à travailler.

Tout à fait d’accord avec la gratuité scolaire, par contre de sérieuse réforme dans le monde d’éducation :

1.   Charter Scholl,

2.   Bonds d’éducations,

3.   Université non plus financée par tête de pipe, créant trop de diplômes inutiles et trop de professeurs, de plus, cette recette a tendance à réduire les critères de sélections et de résultats pour maximiser le financement.

4.   Évaluation de tous les professeurs chaque année peu importe leur ancienneté et à quel niveau (primaire jusqu’à universitaire), il faut qu’il redevienne imputable.

5.   Introductions des cours en ligne.

Évidemment, cela va prendre de sérieux politiciens pour attaquer les problèmes de fonds dus à la sursyndicalisation du milieu scolaire et des conventions collectives mur à mur.

Entre temps, le monde entier ne s’arrête pas de tourner à cause de nous ! et nous on prend du retard, du retard, du retard

College for All: Say You Support Making Tuition Free at Public Schools and Reducing Current Student Loan Rates


We need the best-educated workforce in the world if we're going to compete effectively in the global economy. To do that, we must make certain that every person in this country who has the ability and desire can get all the education they need -- regardless of the income of their family.

That is why I'm introducing a revolutionary bill in the Senate which will end tuition at all public colleges and universities in the United States. This legislation will also significantly reduce the interest rate on student loans.

Add your name to say you support my bill to make tuition free at public colleges and universities.

- Senator Bernie Sanders

Senator Bernie Sanders is making waves with a big idea to reinvent education: Making public colleges and universities tuition-free.


Quebec carré rougeI couldn’t agree more. Higher education isn’t just a personal investment. It’s a public good that pays off in a more competitive workforce and better-informed and engaged citizens. Every year, we spend nearly $100 billion on corporate welfare, and more than $500 billion on defense spending. Surely ensuring the next generation can compete in the global economy is at least as important as subsidies for big business and military adventures around the globe.


In fact, I think we can and must go further — not just making public higher education tuition-free, but reinventing education in America as we know it. (That’s the subject of this latest video in my partnership with MoveOn, “The Big Picture: Ten Ideas to Save the Economy.” Please take a moment to watch now.)


In the big picture, much of our education system — from the bells that ring to separate classes to memorization drills — was built to mirror the assembly lines that powered the American economy for the last century. As educators know, what we need today is a system of education that cultivates the critical thinking skills necessary for the economy of tomorrow.


We have to reinvent education because it’s not working for too many of our kids – who are either dropping out of high school because they aren’t engaged, or not getting the skills they need, or paying a fortune for college and ending up with crushing student debt.


How do we get there?


First, stop the wall-to-wall testing that’s destroying the love of teaching and learning. Let’s get back to a curriculum that builds curiosity, problem solving, teamwork and perseverance, and away from teaching to the test. Give teachers space to teach, and give students freedom to learn. Limit classrooms to 20 children so teachers can give students the individual attention they need.

Source: Bernie Sanders Is Right—We Need Free College for All, Robert Reich, Alternet, May 22, 2015

The independent senator has become the de-facto presidential pick for progressives wary of Clinton's candidacy, and has made combating income inequality a central focus of his campaign. On Tuesday, Sanders introduced a bill making public colleges free for all Americans, which he'd pay for with a "very modest" tax on stock trading, which he estimated could bring in as much as $300 billion each year.

Sanders acknowledged that Republicans would never support such a proposal, but said "the American people will go along with it."

Asked whether that meant he ultimately wanted to raise taxes, Sanders was emphatic: "On the very wealthiest people in this country? Absolutely."

Extrait de: Bernie Sanders: Clinton wealth 'a problem', By Alexandra Jaffe, CNN, May 19, 2015