Snakes and Ladders: Canadian economy

J’aime bien le Macleans non seulement ils ont des articles drôlement pertinents et en plus ils n’ont pas peur de sortir des sentiers de la demi-vérité.

De plus, ils ont le sens de l’humour.

Extrait de : Snakes and Ladders: Canadian economy édition,, December 14, 2015

Following the Canadian economy can have the ups and downs of a board game. So play our special edition of Snakes and Ladders.

The Canadian economy has been so full of ups and downs, between the ballooning housing market and the plunging interest rates, it can be feel like you’re playing a board game. Inspired by that rollercoaster sensation, we created a Snakes and Ladders game all about the economy. The standard rules of Snakes and Ladders apply. Enjoy!