Media mainstream : Keep them stupid !

Extrait de : Who is Really Behind Our Mainstream Media?, RUTH PATTERSON, Economy in crisis,  MAY 03, 2016   RUTH PATTERSON

clip_image002Have you ever wondered who controls the media you watch, hear, and read from? In today’s society, we spend over 150 hours a month watching television. We also spent countless hours surfing the Internet, connecting on social media, watching movies, listening to music, and reading books and magazines.

Americans are more “connected” now than ever before. It is great that most Americans have easy access to some form of mainstream media, however, it is terrifying to think that out of the thousands of television shows, news networks, newspapers, and radio stations, only six gigantic media conglomerates produce 90 percent of the media we consume.

PropagandeThink about it: 6 companies are in charge of everything you see and hear. Our opinions and beliefs are shaped by what we see and hear.

It is no wonder America is falling into a deep abyss full of problems and debt.

What is worse is that there could be a major merging of these media conglomerates, leaving 5 companies in total control of what we see and hear.

It’s sad that most Americans still believe we live in a democracy. Our media is controlled by only 6 companies that push their own agendas by shaping people’s opinions, making people believe things they want them to believe, or possibly even distracting them from what is really going on in the world.

Why don’t we hear about trade deals like the Trans-Pacific Partnership in the news?

It’s going to affect our every day lives! Why don’t we hear about how the FDA is under funded and is only inspecting 1 to 2 percent of our food imports? It’s affecting our health!

Why aren’t we hearing about how companies are outsourcing all of our jobs? It is affecting our middle class!

What is really going on? Time Warner, Walt Disney, Viacom, News Corporation, CBS Corporation, and Comcast are influencing us too much. America needs to wake up! We need to break this sick addiction to mainstream media and start thinking for ourselves. We are literally being “programmed” with these programs we watch on a daily basis.