François-Philippe Champagne remplace Chrystia Freeland, enfin !

Ce n’était pas trop tôt, car elle n’était pas une lumière, la semaine passée, elle faisait encore la promotion du libre-échange.

Allô, as-tu suivis les élections, depuis 18 mois Donald Trump massacre Nafta, la plus horrible négociation de libre-échange et tu fais encore la promotion du libre-échange, peut-être revenir sur terre.

Loin, de sécuriser les entreprises canadiennes, soyez assuré.

Donc, ils l’ont remplacé par quelqu’un ayant plus de compétences, j’espère qu’il va survivre devant les multimilliardaires américains qui représentent les intérêts des États-Unis.

Même si on négocie sans trop de pertes, nous allons toujours avoir un sérieux problème de compétitivité avec les changements fiscale et dérégulations américaines, à suivre …

Extrait de: Cabinet shuffle: Who are the new faces in the federal cabinet?

François-Philippe Champagne, the former parliamentary secretary to Finance Minister Bill Morneau, finds himself taking on the role of minister of international trade as Canada braces for a Donald Trump presidency.

Champagne is a rookie MP, but so were many of the ministers sworn in after the sweeping Liberal victory in October 2015 — so he’s in good company.

The Quebec MP represents the riding of Saint-Maurice–Champlain, which includes Shawinigan, the hometown of former Liberal prime minister Jean Chrétien.

Champagne has cited Chrétien as a mentor and was endorsed by the former prime minister during his campaign. He won handily with 41 per cent of the vote.

Before making his leap into politics, Champagne was a lawyer and international trade specialist. The new minister speaks three languages: French, English and Italian.

His career in the private sector included stints at the technology-oriented ABB Group and the British multinational Amec Foster Wheeler.

Two decades of experience in international business likely put Champagne, 46, at the head of the field as Trudeau attempted to find a replacement for International Trade Minister Chrystia Freeland, who will move into Dion’s old job at foreign affairs.

Champagne and Freeland will be at the forefront of Canada’s efforts to maintain a good working relationship with a highly protectionist Trump administration.

Champagne now replaces Freeland at trade.

Champagne, 46, impressed many last year as parliamentary secretary to the finance minister, often rising in question period. His signature gesture while speaking — a kind of chop that emphasizes his point — has led to some good-natured ribbing from opposition MPs.

But Champagne has, it seems, impressed people for some time now.

Before he was elected in the Quebec riding of Saint-Maurice—Champlain, Champagne had a hugely successful international business and law career. He served as vice-president and senior counsel for engineering firm ABB Group in Zurich, and also held senior roles for AMEC, a global energy company, in the U.K.

Champagne has also worked for Quebec wastewater firm Bionest.