Les États-Unis 2017 - (2)

Un cabinet selon l’idéologie de M. Trump

Il a choisi son cabinet qui supporte ces idéologies qui l’ont fait gagner auprès de ces électeurs, examinons certains choix et quelles seront les incidences sur l’économie canadienne.

Steven Mnuchin

Steven MnuchinAge 53, treasury secretary

Previous life: Hedge fund manager, Hollywood financier, Goldman Sachs partner

Political experience: None

Job. No. 1: Big tax cuts for companies and individuals; a rollback of federal regulation of Wall Street.

The Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act was created to prevent the collapse of financial institutions and to shield loan-seeking consumers from abusive and risky lending and mortgage practices.

The act created a number of federal councils tasked to oversee big financial institutions to make sure they were keeping with the government's new, stricter standards for how banks should operate.

Mnuchin said he and Wilbur Ross, the billionaire whom Trump tapped to be Commerce secretary, will work to loosen the restrictions that have led to a decrease in bank lending to smaller businesses.

"We've been in the business of regional banking and we understand what it is to make loans. That's the engine of growth to small- and medium-sized businesses," Mnuchin said.

"So we want to strip back parts of Dodd-Frank that prevent banks from lending, and that will be the number one priority on the regulatory side," he said.

Commentaires : Baisser les impôts des entreprises et du peuple américain va avoir une incidence directe sur la compétitivité de nos entreprises et une migration de gens de haut niveau vers les États-Unis.

Faire en sorte que les banques empruntent de nouveau au PME, ce que nos banques canadiennes dans un mode d’oligopole ont oubliés de faire depuis longtemps.

Préférant accorder des prêts immobiliers sur gonflé à l’hélium sachant que le prêt est garanti par le peuple par l’entremise de la SCHL ou inventer n’importe tarifs additionnels, sans donner plus de service.

Ce qui a permis de créer les banques parmi les plus profitables au monde et d’acheter n’importe quelle ministre.

Rex Tillerson

Rex TillersonAge 64, secretary of state

Previous life: Chairman and CEO of Exxon Mobil Corp. and past president, Boy Scouts of America

Political experience: None

Trump connection: Mr. Tillerson has no obvious link to Mr. Trump. But they do share a passion for business deal-making and a desire to forge closer ties to Russia. The Exxon executive developed a friendship with President Vladimir Putin, who awarded him Russia’s Order of Friendship in 2012. Mr. Tillerson also brokered a partnership between Exxon and Russian government-owned oil company Rosneft and opposed U.S. sanctions against Russia after its invasion of Crimea.

Job. No. 1: Repair relations with Russia and stickhandle Mr. Trump’s desire for a tougher position against China.

Trump hailed Tillerson as “among the most accomplished business leaders and international deal makers in the world” in a statement released on Tuesday by his transition team. “His tenacity, broad experience and deep understanding of geopolitics make him an excellent choice for secretary of state. He will promote regional stability and focus on the core national security interests of the United States.”

As the audience burst into laughter, Gingrich continued: “Now, if you’re John Kerry or Hillary Clinton or the entire state department, and your entire career’s been one of going around the world unsuccessfully negotiating non-agreements, Tillerson is horrifying. I mean, what if he actually effectively represents America? What if we actually get good deals that make big jobs in America? What if he’s actually able to explain Trumpism to the world?”

Gingrich, delivering an address entitled The Principles of Trumpism, added: “He’s going to be so well received around the planet that, combined with [defence secretary] Jim Mattis, he automatically changes who people think Trump is.” (2)


Commentaires: Cela va jouer dur dans les prochaines années, car les États-Unis vont devenir beaucoup plus protectionnistes et beaucoup moins impérialistes et surtout se concentrer sur la création de la richesse pour le peuple.

Donc, il faudra calmer le jeu et se faire de nouveaux alliés (demi-amis), sans être obligé de dépenser un autre 6 trillions de dépenses militaires pour créer un autre foutu bordel dans le monde, cela va prendre un excellent négociateur.

Stephen Bannon

Stephen BannonAge 63, chief White House strategist and senior counsellor

Previous life: Trump campaign manager, head of the ultraright-wing Breitbart News website, ex-Goldman Sachs banker

Political experience: None

Trump connection: Mr. Bannon is the epitome of loyalty to Mr. Trump. He joined the campaign in August after the firing of Paul Manafort – a reward for Breitbart’s relentless support for Mr. Trump. On the inside, Mr. Bannon was the leader of the let-Trump-be-Trump camp. Even among Republicans, he is regarded with suspicion because of his role in the divisive white nationalist movement. His ex-wife has accused him of making anti-Semitic remarks.

Job No. 1: Helping keep Mr. Trump in touch with the white rural and suburban voters who elected him.

Steve Bannon: ‘Hobbits and Deplorables Had a Great Run in 2016,

“This was the most amazing year we’ve seen, both here in the United States and overseas,” Boyle said, describing those events as a “revolt of the working class.”

“It’s something we saw build up particularly in Europe, with the great team we’ve got over in London, led by Raheem and James Delingpole,” he said, referring to Breitbart London chief editor and frequent Breitbart News Daily host Raheem Kassam. “That led ultimately to Brexit, after all the different European Parliament votes they had and everything that UKIP kind of led.”

“And then here in the United States, where we saw it build up in the primaries, and then in the general election,” he continued. “I think we’ve lived through an historic time. I think we’ll talk about what happened in this year politically for many, many decades to come. It was exciting to live through it, and very exciting to be at SiriusXM, you know, the Patriot Channel with the show, and at Breitbart to actually see and report on it and comment on it.”

“You’ve got to stay engaged,” he advised, pleased to see high levels of engagement in “traffic at all the different sites, and the activity you see, the comments sections at the various sites you see, and how great the radio show is doing.”

Bannon anticipates that 2017 will be as much of an “exciting time” as 2016 was.

“We don’t like to try to guess what’s going to happen in the future, but I’ve got to tell you, I think people were very engaged in this election, and I think will be very engaged as time goes forward. The key is to hold people accountable.

The hobbits, or the deplorables, had a great run in ’16. Everybody mocked them and ridiculed them, and now they’ve spoken. I think ’17 is going to be a very exciting year,” he predicted.

“I noticed on Breitbart over the last month or two, as either certain appointments were made or certain things were done that didn’t comport with behavior that the deplorables or the hobbits thought were correct, it was interesting to see some of the articles written on the site, and the intensity in the comments,” said Bannon.

Commentaires : C’est l’antéchrist de la globalisation et de l’establishment, tous ceux qui vous disent que tout est beau dans le meilleur des mondes, aussi longtemps que vous ne regardez pas votre chèque de paie, vous avez la personne pour vous défendre.

Travaille surtout en arrière-plan, mais une grande influence dans l’équipe de Trump.

Ne jamais oublier que Trump est un outsider des républicains, ils ont tous fait pour le sortir. Comme dans le parti démocrate, ils tous fait pour sortir Sanders, par contre, ceux-ci ont réussis.

Il agit comme chien de garde, il garde les troupes (déplorables) en attente, quand un groupe de républicain vont tenter de contrarier M. Trump, la meute (le peuple) vont tomber dessus et aucun républicain ne vont vouloir se taper un million de personnes enrager. On l’a justement vu hier, quand le parti républicain a tenté de minimiser le pouvoir du comité de l’éthique.

Deux simples tweets ont suffi pour renverser la vapeur.


Donc, pour le Canada, ceux qui prônent la mondialisation heureuse vous avez un sérieux ennemi à la maison blanche, en tant que conseiller spécial auprès de M. Trump.

Wilbur Ross

Wilbur RossAge 79, commerce secretary

Previous life: Billionaire investor and leveraged buyout specialist

Political experience: None

Trump connection: Mr. Ross is a kindred spirit to Mr. Trump – a blunt-talking deal maker who sees the world in black and white. He has shown a fondness for old industries – including steel, coal and textiles – bankrupt companies and old-school protectionism. He has called for threatening China with steep tariffs and freeing the United States from the “bondage” of bad trade agreements. Mr. Ross is also an advocate of steep tax cuts and looser regulation of energy companies – all common themes of Mr. Trump’s unconventional campaign.

Job No. 1: Much tougher trade enforcement, a stare-down with China and a renegotiation of NAFTA.

Commentaires: Wilbur Ross le futur secrétaire du commerce des États-Unis a écrit un rapport en collaboration avec le professeur Peter Navarro en science économique à l’Université de Californie et possède un doctorat en économie d’Harvard sur les futures stratégies économiques américaines prônées par M. Trump.

Puisqu’il fait partie de l’équipe Trump et secrétaire du commerce, il est évident que leurs positions suggérées dans le rapport vont être considérées sérieusement.

J’ai fait 4 carnets sur le sujet, si vous voulez le lire, voici le premier The Trump Economic Plan: Wilbur Ross the new U.S. commerce secretary (Part 1)

Voici certains éléments à retenir :

·       Bad deals include most notably NAFTA, China’s entry into the World Trade Organization in 2001.

·       Corporate America does not oppose these deals. They both allow and encourage corporations to put their factories anywhere. However, Mr. and Ms. America are left back home without high-paying jobs.

·       When net exports are negative, that is, when a country runs a trade deficit by importing more than it exports, this subtracts from growth.

·       Their “solution” is to convert the US to a “service sector” economy – yet service sector jobs tend to be of lower pay.

·       The broader structural problem is an international monetary system plagued by widespread currency manipulation.

·       America’s major trading partners are far more dependent on American markets than America is on their markets.

·       Consider that roughly half of our trade deficit is with just six countries: Canada, China, Germany, Japan, Mexico and South Korea.

·       Trump Will End, Not Start, A Trade War

La bataille que fait Donald Trump est la bataille pour toute la classe moyenne des pays occidentaux.

Pas de problème avec le libre-échange, mais qu’il soit équitable pour les deux peuples (j’ai bien dit : peuple, pas pour le 1%)

Pour ceux qui pensent qu’il va avoir une forte opposition pour modifier Nafta à la chambre du Congrès et des Représentants, vous n’avez pas suivi les élections américaines et vous faites fausse route, il y a de grandes chances que cette décision va être approuvée de façon bipartisane.

Car, beaucoup de démocrates sont d’accord avec une renégociation globale de Nafta, n’oubliez pas que Sanders voulait aussi renégocier Nafta.

Donc, un meilleur équilibre de la balance commerciale avec les États-Unis, risque de réduire nos exportations.

Scott Pruitt

Scott PruittAge 49, administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency

Previous life: Oklahoma Attorney-General

Political experience: He served as an Oklahoma state senator from 1998 to 2006, with stints as party whip and assistant floor leader, where the evangelical Christian focused on faith-based legislation and accountability in government spending.

Trump connection: Mr. Pruitt is linked to Mr. Trump through the president-elect’s energy adviser, Harold Hamm, the head of Continental Resources, one of the country’s biggest oil producers, according to Politico. Mr. Pruitt shares a strong sense of skepticism with Mr. Trump about global warming. He co-authored a piece with Alabama Attorney-General Luther Strange in which they wrote: “Scientists continue to disagree about the degree and extent of global warming and its connection to the actions of mankind.” As attorney-general, Mr. Pruitt has repeatedly sued the EPA over environmental regulations imposed by the Obama administration.

Job No. 1: Implement Mr. Trump’s plan to dismantle much of the EPA’s regulatory regime.

Commentaires : J’ai suivi attentivement la progression de Donald Trump depuis 18 mois, et sa position de l’environnement est très simple.

Tant aussi longtemps, que la Chine, la Russie et l’Inde n’implantent pas systématiquement et rigoureusement la taxe de carbone, il n’imposera pas à aucune compagnie américaine à l’intérieur du territoire américain une telle taxe, au risque qu’elle perdre de la compétitivité.

Et que fait notre professeur d’art dramatique, Trudeau says Trump priorities won’t influence carbon tax plan

Je vous cite un article que je suis 100 % d’accords.

Trudeau’s carbon price idiotic, given Trump’s election, lorrie-goldstein BY LORRIE GOLDSTEIN, TORONTO SUN

Unlike Justin Trudeau, Stephen Harper understood why it was reckless to impose a national carbon pricing scheme on Canada, unless the U.S. did the same.

The surprise victory of President-elect Donald Trump Tuesday has driven home the wisdom of Harper’s policy and the foolishness of Trudeau’s.

That’s because it’s going to cost Canadians billions of dollars more than they were already going to have to pay for a national carbon pricing scheme, that is essentially nothing more than a cash grab by the provinces.

Why? Because Trump, who has called man-made climate change a hoax, not only becomes U.S. president in 71 days, the Republicans also retained control of Congress.

That means a national carbon pricing program in the U.S., which would have been on life support even if Hillary Clinton had won, is dead on arrival.

Indeed, the UN’s 2015 Paris climate treaty itself is in critical condition.

News of Trump’s victory must have hit the ongoing, annual UN global warming gabfest in Marrakesh, Morocco like an earthquake.

That’s because Trump will soon have the power, backed by Congress, to wipe out Obama’s entire legacy on climate change.

That includes Obama’s subsidization of renewable energy, his Clean Power Plan, his ratification of the Paris treaty, and his side deal with China to reduce industrial greenhouse gas emissions linked to climate change.

Given that the U.S. is the planet’s second-largest emitter after China, and the leader of the developed world, if Trump pulls the U.S. out of the Paris treaty, and there’s no reason to think he won’t, the deal will be as good as dead.

The problem in Canada is that Trudeau, working hand-in-glove with premiers like Ontario’s Kathleen Wynne and Alberta’s Rachel Notley, is imposing a new cost of doing business on our industries through his national carbon pricing scheme, that doesn’t exist in the U.S.

That means Canadian industries will have to pay this new cost, not shared by their competitors in the U.S., our largest trading partner, which they will then pass along to us.

It also means the public subsidies our governments are already going to pay to Canadian industries to keep them from bolting to countries that don’t have a national carbon price -- like the U.S. -- will have to increase.

Industries fleeing from countries that have national carbon pricing schemes to ones that don’t is called “leakage”.

Preventing leakage is the reason Wynne’s government is giving away free carbon allowances to major industries under its cap-and-trade scheme starting next year, which essentially means giving them free public money.

Similarly, Notley is giving multi-billion-dollar subsidies to industries in Alberta not to flee that province when she introduces a carbon tax next year.

Unlike Trudeau, Harper understood the economic folly of imposing a national carbon price on our industries unless the U.S. did the same.

The only time Harper supported a national cap-and-trade scheme was in the 2008 election, when it looked like Obama was about to get a similar plan approved in the U.S., before it died in Congress.

Given Trump’s victory, proceeding with a national carbon price in Canada is ludicrous and will hurt our economy even more.

The question is, how much more money will Canadians have to pay in higher prices and taxes on almost all goods and services -- which is what carbon pricing does -- to satisfy Trudeau’s political ego on the world stage? (3)

Alors, notre jeune professeur d’art dramatique pour satisfaire son petit ego va rendre encore moins compétitives nos compagnies canadiennes, comme si on n’en avait pas assez sur les bras, pathétiques !

Elaine Chao

Elaine ChaoAge 63, secretary of transportation

Previous life: Secretary of labour for George W. Bush through both terms.

Political experience: Prior to secretary of labour, she served as director of the Peace Corps, deputy secretary of transportation and chair of the Federal Maritime Commission under George H.W. Bush. She also had posts in the Reagan administration and a successful career in banking.

Trump connection: No direct link. She is married to Republican Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, and is deeply connected to the Washington power structure. She was born on Taiwan, where her parents fled from mainland China, before immigrating to the United States when she was 8. Equally at home at the United Way, the Heritage Foundation, corporate boards and Fox News, Ms. Chao is considered a master of the federal bureaucracy who can get things done.

Job No. 1: Implement a key portion of Mr. Trump’s $1-trillion (U.S.) plan for renewing the national infrastructure

Avant de faire des commentaires, voici un transcrit de son discours dans l’État d’Ohio à Cincinnati

We hear a lot of talk about how we are becoming a "globalized world." But the relationships that people value in this country are local. Family, state, country. They are local.

We wil compete in the world. We will compete in the world where is a two-way road -- not the one way around. The advantages will come back to our country, and they haven't for many years.

There is no global anthem. No global currency. No certificate of global citizenship. We pledge allegiance to one flag and that flag is the American flag.

From now on it is going to be: America First. Okay? America first. We're going to put ourselves first.

We seek peace and harmony with the nations of the world, but that means recognizing the right of every country --including our own-- to look after its citizens. We would put other countries first, we had people running our country that truly did not know what the hell they we're doing.

We will defend the American worker... look what has happened right here. They forgot the American worker. They forgot that it was the American worker who truly built our country. We will not forget.


Voici un second article:

Donald Trump wants ‘Buy American’ rules in $1 trillion infrastructure bill

Donald Trump has made clear he wants ‘Buy American‘ rules in the massive infrastructure program he’s planning, launching an ardent defence of domestic-purchase requirements that can cause tensions with other countries – including Canada.

Critics of such buy-American provisions say it not only freezes out foreign competition, but hurts Americans too, by driving up the cost of construction, which means taxpayers get fewer roads and bridges for their buck and fewer construction jobs in the long run.

But the measures have considerable political support and the president-elect strongly suggested, in a speech Thursday night, that he sees them as part of a historic, $1 trillion infrastructure bill he’s urging lawmakers to pass.

“My administration will follow two simple rules – buy American and hire American,” Trump told a cheering crowd in Iowa, at his latest post-election, campaign-style rally.

“On infrastructure, I am going to ask Congress to pass legislation that produces $1 trillion of new investment in America’s crumbling infrastructure and it is indeed crumbling. That includes major new projects for both our rural communities and our inner cities, which have also been forgotten.

 “And we will put our people – not people from other lands – our people back to work in the process. It is time to help Americans get off the welfare and get back into the labour market and they’re going to want to do it. … Rebuilding this country with American hands, by American workers. We’re going to do it.” (4)

Que va-t-il se passer dans la vraie vie, évidemment Trump a promis à son peuple d’avoir des emplois payants, et c’est évident qu’il ne laissera pas partager la tarte des dépenses d’infrastructures par les pays étrangers.

Alors, nos compagnies canadiennes voulant avoir de tels contrats vont être obligées d’ouvrir des divisions aux États-Unis, pour avoir la possibilité de soumissionner.

Équivalent au Groupe Canam qui a été obligé d’ouvrir des divisions aux États-Unis pour accéder au contrat Buy America, donc, un transfert de nos investissements de nos compagnies canadiennes risques de se retrouver aux États-Unis, donc, une expansion aux États-Unis, mais pas pour le Canada.

Robert Lighthizer

Robert LighthizerAge 70, United States Trade Representative

Previous life: A former trade official in the Reagan administration and longtime skeptic of free trade.

Political experience: Lighthizer has extensive experience striking agreements that protect some of the most important sectors of our economy, and has repeatedly fought in the private sector to prevent bad deals from hurting Americans.

Trump connection: Lighthizer makes sense as a pick for steering the USTR. He was an early Trump supporter — always an asset for a candidate in the president-elect’s eyes. And unlike many of Trump’s picks for economic-related positions such as Steve Mnuchin, the banker whom Trump has picked for secretary of the Treasury, Lighthizer has experience in government and expertise in his policy realm. In the 1980s, he had stints as a chief of staff on the Senate Finance Committee and as the deputy US trade representative under Reagan.

In the late 1980s he shifted into private legal practice, and has been working on trade-related issues for decades. Today he’s a partner at the law firm of Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher & Flom, where he represents industries like steel that advocate for tariffs to keep their sectors competitive in the American market.

On an ideological level, Trump and Lighthizer are a natural match. Lighthizer is known as a colorful rhetorician and has long argued that protectionism on trade — using border taxes on imports to protect domestic industries from competition — is something that is entirely compatible with conservatism. He’s penned op-eds praising Reagan for disregarding the “utopian dreams of free traders” with his “pragmatism” on trade, such as his restrictions on importing steel and automobiles.

And in 2011, as Trump was considering a potential run for president, Lighthizer wrote an op-ed in the Washington Times defending Trump’s criticism of free trade and China

Commentaires: Lighthizer partage des vues similaires au Trump sur le commerce — et possède l’expertise nécessaire d’agir sur eux.

Donald Trump continue à montrer des signes qu’il est sérieux au sujet de transformer la façon dont l’Amérique exerce son activité sur la scène mondiale.

Sa nomination de Lighthizer, un avocat de commerce de carrière qui a préconisé d’augmenter les droits de douane sur les importations de concurrents plutôt que de diminuer leur, confirme son engagement pour le tronçonnage de libre-échange orthodoxie à Washington.

Lighthizer, qui a la réputation d’être un négociateur dur et a travaillé sur les négociations commerciales de haut niveau sous Ronald Reagan, a les connaissances et le savoir-faire pour satisfaire les engagements de Trump.

« Bob Lighthizer est très intelligent, très stratégique et totalement sans peur, » a déclaré un avocat de Washington qui a travaillé avec lui pendant trois décennies, mais priés de ne pas être nommé. « Vous pouvez vous attendre à utiliser tous les outils disponibles pour créer l’effet de levier pour obtenir de la Chine et quelqu'un d’autre pour arrêter la tricherie. Il n’est aucun fan de l’OMC. »

'Il a été très clair tout au long de la campagne que son objectif est de mettre l'Amérique d'abord, de restaurer la base manufacturière américaine, et donc ce n'est pas une question d'un pays particulier vis-à-vis des États-Unis', a déclaré M. Spicer.

'C'est une question de savoir où la place de l'Amérique va être et où les travailleurs américains vont être dans son programme. '


La renégociation de l'accord de libre-échange nord-américain sera l'une des premières choses à l'ordre du jour de la nouvelle administration, a annoncé mardi l'avocat vétéran du commerce canadien Lawrence Herman.

'Alors que les flèches de M. Trump sont dirigées vers le Mexique, le Canada est directement dans la zone cible sur une variété de fronts', a déclaré M. Herman dans un billet de blogue.

Donc, attacher votre tuque, car cela risque de faire très mal.

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