Obama Legacy: “Dying Democracy”, Extrajudicial Assassinations, Wars, Terrorism, Refugee Crisis…


Nobel Peace Prize winner President Barack Hussein Obama is counting his final days in the White House and has given his farewell speech in Chicago to recap his accomplishments and  encourage the public to become more politically engaged and fight for their dying democracy. Ironically, Mr. Obama was elected twice because of his message of hope and change, but unfortunately, we got nothing in the last eight years but “more of the same.”

The following list will constitute some but not all of Mr. Obama’s accomplishments, and as a result, the reader will be the judge of his legacy.

1. U.S. interventions to influence elections in multiple foreign countries extending from Russia to Africa and from Asia to the Middle-East.3

2. Regime changes in several countries through American financed color revolutions and covert hybrid wars.4

3. Assassination of foreign leaders and American citizens.6

4. Increase of the national debt by trillions of dollars to finance low intensity wars, feed the beast of the Military Industrial Complex, and bail out Wall Street and the banks.

5. Failure of Obamacare that was written by the insurance companies and their lobbyists.

6. Creation of a new housing bubble.

7. Formation of a stock market bubble.7

8. Production of low wage jobs, while stagnating and lowering the existing American salaries, resulting in utter decline in the standards of living.8

9. Expansion of the government oligarchy, and the establishment of Czars ”R” US.2

10. Expansion of law enforcement agencies and the surveillance state under the guise of safety.

11. Fomenting fake news, then, signing on December 24th, 2016 the Countering Disinformation and Propaganda Act as part of the annual National Defense Authorization Act, which is an unconstitutional measure against First Amendment freedom.1

12. Aiding and facilitating the killing of hundreds of thousands of people across the globe through covert operations, regime change, and weapons sales.

13. Displacement of millions of people across the world after destabilizing their nations (e.g. Syria, Libya, Iraq, Ukraine, etc).

14. The implementation of the “Oded Yinon” vision of the Middle-East and the fighting of Zionist-Israeli wars to balkanize the region, make Israel a regional power secretly equipped with hundreds of nuclear warheads, while exploiting the wealth of these disintegrating countries.

15. The Islamification of America by bringing millions of Moslem refugees to the U.S. after destroying their countries and looting their wealth.

16. The balkanization of the world to keep it divided and dependent on American guns and corporations.

17. Keeping Guantanomo Bay open for future uses despite Obama’s promises to do otherwise.5

18. The re-killing of the dead Osama Bin Laden (previous U.S. intelligence asset) in Pakistan as Obama’s “Magnum Opus” accomplishment against terror.

19. The financing of training of Moslem fundamentalists across the globe through proxies like Sandi Arabia, Turkey, Israel, and Arab Sheikdoms.

20. The creation of ISIS by morphing Al Qaeda and transforming it into a virulent pseudo-state to give it location and a sense of physicality instead of the usual abstract enemy of a terrorist lurking in the shadows or in caves as Al Qaeda was. As a result, perpetual war will continue to defeat an illusory ” bogeyman” that was created to destabilize, partition, and remap countries, as well as terrorize the ignorant masses, sustain never-ending wars, and create additional means to control the primitive multitudes.

21. By his own admission as a citizen of the world, Mr. Obama bolstered the globalization process through trade deals to benefit the global corporations.

22. While speaking of unity, freedom, and engagement, Mr. Obama engendered more division, subjection, and fear to maintain the empire, keep the proles divided, subdued and totally dependent on Big Brother.


These were some of Mr. Obama’s accomplishments as his legacy of shame will always be remembered. Like his predecessor, he completed his mission of eroding the republic and the constitution in order to advance his global money masters’ agenda of accumulating the wealth and the power into the hands of the few while exerting total control over the people. Moreover, Mr. Obama’s legacy has brought us the great chameleon“Donald Trump” who will continue Obama’s work