Trump has figured out he doesn’t need the media

First press briefing leaves media feeling just a tad bit decapitated

By Dan Calabrese —— Bio and Archives January 23, 2017

We’ll have two pieces on this today, with the upcoming one dealing with the subsequent media meltdown over it.

My criticism of Spicer’s performance here would be this: He had a point about the fixation on the crowd size, but the actual facts are arguable. On the MLK bust question, Spicer had the media dead to rights. He could have ripped them a new one on that issue and that issue alone, letting them know that from now on they would pay a very high price for such malfeasance and incompetence, then dropped the mic and walked out.

Game, set, match to Spicer.

By spending so much time on the crowd size, he gave the media points to nitpick over, and unfortunately the MLK bust issue got lost in the shuffle, which is too bad. But since you won’t hear much coverage of what Spicer said about that, listen to it here:

The reason the media are losing their minds over this is that Trump has figured out a way to totally change the balance of the power relationship between him and them, and they’re completely unprepared for it.

·       In the past, if the president wanted to say something to the public, he had to go through the press, which meant he had to be very careful and play nice with them at all times.

·       If they lied or recklessly got facts wrong, he had to be very careful about taking them to task because he needed them as a mouthpiece going forward.

Trump understands that he does not have to play by those rules.

If Trump wants to say something to the nation, he can do so via social media.

·       He doesn’t have to put his message through the filter of the press and he doesn’t have to earn the good will of the press beforehead.

·       He just lets it rip. He can write a quick tweet.

·       He can record a quick video. Everyone will see it exactly as he wants it seen.

·       He doesn’t need the media.

But that’s only one half of how he’s changed the equation.

·       It used to be that when the media reported something inaccurate or just flat-out false, you had to plead with them to retract it or print a correction.

·       They decided if they would, and they decided how prominently to display it if they did. Nowhere near as many people would see the correction as would see the original falsehood, and that’s assuming they would run the correction at all.

·       Now, when the press publishes BS, the president himself can take to social media and blast them for it. And this president is more than willing to do so.

What Spicer was telling the press on Saturday was that accountability now works two ways. In the past it wasn’t possible for the White House to hold them accountable for their lies because they were the controllers of every medium. And it wasn’t necessary for Obama to hold them accountable because they were his willing water-carriers. Trump is the first president to have both the need and the means to turn the tables on them. And because they decided during the campaign to unapologetically declare war on him, he now considers the battle joined.

And if there’s one thing anyone should know about Donald Trump, it’s that he only fights a battle one way - and it’s not to lose.

If the media don’t like this, too damn bad. Trump isn’t the one who declared this war. They are. He’s simply letting it be known that he has no intention to cower or surrender to them.

If the media want a cease-fire, here’s what they need to do:

·       Stop pushing agendas and just report real, truthful news.

·       If you don’t think an argument over crowd size is worthy of the nation, then don’t report on it.

·       If you don’t want to get blasted as fake news, don’t run reports saying Trump removed the MLK bust from the Oval Office when that’s a total lie and Trump did no such thing.

·       If they tell the truth, he won’t attack them.

·       If they don’t, he will and he should. They wanted a war. They’ve got one now.

Source: First press briefing leaves media feeling just a tad bit decapitated